Pharmacy Tech (Senior)

Performs a variety of pharmacy support duties such as filling floor medication orders, restocking automatic dispensing machines, restocking nursing station floor stock orders, and performing necessary Quality Assurances functions as deemed necessary by the Director of Pharmacy Services. Supervises all Junior pharmacy technicians and assigns tasks necessary to maintain pharmacy operations. Monitors and maintains good relationships between pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Teaching of new pharmacy technicians and pharmacists and reports progress to the Director. Ability to order needed products for the pharmacy.
Education: High School Diploma
Experience: 5 year experience as pharmacy technician
Skills: Pharmacy Technician Certification. Pharmaceutical knowledge to serve the types of patients served by the hospital. Competency preparing pharmaceuticals. Excellent communication skills. Good typing, word processing and computer skills.
Typical Physical Demands: Standing for long periods of time (4-8 hours), lifting and carrying moderate loads (40 pounds), corrected vision and hearing within normal ranges, manual dexterity and mobility to move about the pharmacy and hospital as needed.

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